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Clint Hanna reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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About a year ago, I knew it was time to take my health and fitness seriously. When your gut walks into the room five minutes before you do, it’s time for a change! After being encouraged to consider Texarkana Jiu-Jitsu by a friend, a decided to give it a shot. I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, the encouragement and camaraderie I’ve experienced from everyone has been fantastic. I’ve dropped 25lbs so far and become much more intentional with my diet. Jiu-Jitsu has changed the way I approach many things. If you’re looking to make a change, Jiu-Jitsu will change you!

Kevin Devasier reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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I have been training at Texarkana Jiu Jitsu for nearly 2 years. It is the best place to train no matter what your physical condition is. It’s a family friendly place for people of all ages.

Amber Satterfield reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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Texarkana Jiu Jitsu welcomed me with open arms. The ladies there took me in and have been the best at helping me build confidence. Marc (Coach) has an enormous amount of knowledge and skill. His instructions are precise and easy to follow. The best part is that the group as a whole wants you to learn and get better. You are not a burden as a newbie.

Amber Walls Hicks reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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If you are interested in training, I highly recommend coming to Texarkana Jiu-Jitsu! They work with all skill levels… which mine was no skill. Great coaches and teammates that make you feel like family! My son and I both train and love it!! It has helped him learn to be more disciplined and focused! You will not be disappointed!

Michael Robert Shute reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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3 months in and it just keeps getting better every class! My 13 year old son and I absolutely love the journey we are on with Texarkana Brazilian JiuJitsu. The atmosphere is phenomenal! No ego’s on the mat only respect and the drive to see each other succeed! You will meet people from all walks of life on the mat and learn something from them each and every time. The first two months were tough due to my lack of physical conditioning but the drills and free rolling have changed that. I feel better physically and mentally. I love the changes I see in my son in his confidence and his desire to train as much as he can. Our journey has only just begun and we are both looking forward to it. If your considering checking Texarkana Brazilian JiuJitsu out we highly recommend it. Swing by and check it out who knows you might join us on our journey.

Scott Lillis reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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If your looking for life’s next challenge or think your the toughest person on the block. Then this is the place for you there is a wealth of skill, knowledge and a more than welcoming atmosphere to crush your ego but not your soul!

Jeff Blaauw reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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I walked into Texarkana Jiu Jitsu in February. I didn't know that my life would change that night. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. No big egos. Just really cool people training together. I've lost 50 lbs in four months, and off medication. This gym has literally saved my life. If you want to learn the most effective martial art from a great, knowledgeable coach, Marc Hagebusch is your guy. There isn't another gym around where you'll train under a 3rd degree black belt. Give Texarkana Jiu Jitsu a try. It WILL change your life too!

Larry Morine reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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Great instructor and a very nice facility.

Hudson Davis reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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Jiu Jitsu helps with more than just a martial arts skill. The instructors and members of the class will help your confidence, cardio, and much more. Highly recommend.

Phil Cardella reviewed Texarkana Jiu Jitsu
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Great people doing something outstanding for their community. Respected leaders in their industry. Humble helpful and professional.

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How Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Came To Texarkana, Part 1

Texarkana Jiu Jitsu Origins…

Hey this is head coach, Marc Hagebusch of Texarkana Jiu Jitsu!

I want to talk about my early journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.Marc Hagebusch Texarkana Jiu Jitsu with Carlos Machado Machado Jiu Jitsu

I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1995. I had been training and competing in Judo at the time under Vince Tamura.

I discovered that Carlos Machado (a cousin of the famous Gracie family out of Brazil and one of the world famous Machado Brothers) had just opened the first BJJ school in Dallas.

I discovered this was competing in a judo tournament over Thanksgiving weekend in Dallas.

By Monday, I was in my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on the set of Walker, Texas Ranger.

In a story that sounds crazy…

Chuck Norris had brought Carlos to Dallas to train him and set up a space off to the side of the Boxing Ring that you can see on many of the episodes.

I started training even though it was a very hectic time for me.

I was in chiropractic school and the course load was ridiculous with some semesters having 38 hours of classes… more than 3 times what colleges consider full time.

I trained both Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while taking this course load.

A few months later, Carlos decided to take a team to California to compete in the Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. The Pan Ams were and still are a major Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition in the US.

He decided to start a Competition Team that would have secret team practices and was special invite only.

I was one of maybe 10 or so people invited to represent our school in CA.

I jumped at the opportunity to get in some extra training and the chance to compete… even though I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time.

This was the early days of the internet and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the US. I couldn’t go to YouTube and watch matches or read blogs about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition.

I have always believed that competition helps people improve faster than they would otherwise because they have a specific goal and a time frame to accomplish it. I also believe in preparing to compete to the best of your ability and that takes sacrifice.

In this case, I sacrificed some highly valuable sleep in addition to time with my wife, friends, and any free time.

We started training at 6 AM 3 days a week while continuing training at lunch and in the evenings.

I trained 10 (or more) times a week between both BJJ and Judo to prepare for the competition.

I was fortunate enough at the time to be able to do very well in graduate school even with all that training, so I trained. If this wasn’t the case, I would have changed my training.

As it turned out though, the training was a great experience.

A week or two before the Pan Ams, we were promoted to blue belt even though we might have been training 6 months or less. There was no white belt division at the time so to compete we had to be blue belts.

I had no idea what to expect in the tournament. I thought at the time that it would be very similar to Judo and the Judo competitions I had done in the past.

I was wrong!

Ultimately, I ended up being one of two students that won a match in CA that day. The first match I secured a choke very quickly. I think the match might have lasted under 30 seconds.

I was the only student to not have any points scored against me. I lost my 2nd match on a ref’s decision. I have to admit I was frustrated losing but I also have to admit my opponent was much better than me and I was lucky to not get submitted in the match.

Setting specific goals and doing what it takes to try to hit them helps anyone achieve more.

Even though I didn’t win a medal, the preparation and the experience made me better than I would have been otherwise.

It definitely helped that I was able to get in so much extra training.

It helped us all. None of us would have been as prepared without it.

It’s a good example of a Coach going out of his way to help his students be prepared.

I do my best to follow his example at my own school, Texarkana Jiu Jitsu and Fitness.


Coach Marc Hagebusch

Texarkana Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for everyone age 4 through adult men and women. No experience necessary, beginners always welcome!